fulfilling existence

Life is hard to some but being made easy for others..but that doesn’t extract us from the privilege to choose our life perspective.

My life is neither hard nor easy, in the midst of life challenges as I’ve grown into adult, i recalled how spirited, gallant, and sociable i am. i still am though i couldn’t repudiate the disappointments  i had in the past when realized my failures and things i missed to  do as a kid..i remember how i got my infirmity that bothers me until now, that is something i really wanted to get over with, something i’d like to accept as part of being me..my scars, my young love heartaches, those times i gaily envision throwing a debut party for myself when i get 18 years old..dreaming of huge house personalized by me.

Hence, life still goes on no matter how we feel and what we have been through, it won’t change nor stand still, it’s like a river that flows and no turning back..to some people they enjoyed the labor and good decisions made by their ancestors that makes them lived life comfortably, others unfortunately lived otherwise. however, happiness oftentimes come from simple things..it may be cliche to say but that’s a fact.

How then can a person says,he live a fulfilling life? this may be something most people are trying to seek all their life. 

Being raised in a christian family affect on how i view life. i have a positive outlook, i believe that God loves everyone, all people has a soft spot in their heart, salvation is for everyone who believe and receive Jesus Christ in their lives..what is a life fulfilling to me is doing God’s will, obeying His commands. Even if i feel exhausted about life it didn’t change my values and what i believed in..until now i keep on the pace of life, the changes, my surroundings, the things i desire to achieved, wherever God leads me to, my life prayer is to make me a blessing to people around me.


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