From Fear to Learning

What an experience today! I went to a building where I can see no one, nobody is around and I nearly jump to my feet, nearly screaming when I realized that I am heading to a dead end. I felt so helpless, I cannot think what to do, whether to go back where I’ve been and see the faces of the guards who would realize I lost my way or would find another way out which I did. I couldn’t stand of prolonging my stay to that seemingly abandoned hospital, it’s dark, webby, dusty, eerie atmosphere which altogether made me imagined those horror movies I watched. After I have figured I couldn’t find a way out from the building, after the approximately four rounds of going from one way to another, trying to open a chained door, opening a window I thought I can pass through, I ended up deciding to gather the courage that I have to face the faces of door keepers than having to suffer the alarmed lights peering to my head saying I’m in close chances to see UFO’s. After finding a way out, I sat to a cement bench and sort what to do, I saw from afar that the gate keepers are talking, I observed where the students came out for surely it is the entry way as well. I pretend that I am answering a phone call while I walked pass to the guards, I avoid looking at them because I found out as I saw a couple of students peering from a left side of the small way near the guard’s place and that’s the way going in from the University. Imagine my feeling of shame and awkwardness. The guard might tell to himself or to the one he’s talking with how come someone gets lost the ways of its own School. Whatever they might throw about me what matter most to a person who almost in tears and disappointment, the fear you might find someone standing in the hallway or looking at you from the room is overwhelming and makes me throw up. So much experience in this School I just hope I graduate as Sum ma Gum Lauded and able to share this experience to my fellow graduates, in God’s will I hope that it will happen. Also, I hope that the gist of which I gleaned from my today’s subjects not the scary lost way of course may remain for the rest of my School years. The realization I came up from my Muslim Math teacher to take the lessons fun because it’s more learning inviting, to have a mindset switch to light and positivity so that learning could be fun. This vibe I almost forget and I am glad I am reminded today so that I can begin from now on to be glad and approach my studies in fun manner. I will take it seriously and with fun because my God is with me and surely He will favor me, grant me wisdom, provide my needs in all aspect because I am His daughter. Note to self: I am a child of God and He works for my good. He knows my desires and He certainly after my delight because my Father God loves me. Thank You Lord, I praise Your Holy Name, Glory and Honor all to You Father God, in Jesus Christ Name.  🙂


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