There’s Joy in sharing

In Call to joy book i read about the wife of Billy Graham who was once asked when she received Jesus Christ in her life since she was raised in a Christian family then she answered, ” i’m not sure when the sun comes out but i’m certain that its shining.”

It reminds me of when i received Jesus Christ in my life. Like Billy Graham’s wife, I also grow up to a Christian family. I grow up in a church activities and seminars and i known Jesus Christ when i was just a kid, i memorize my meal prayer taught by my mom together with my two younger brother and we memorize verses our mom wrote on a cardboard, such as, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 5:16, Psalm 23:1-6 which i still memorize until now, my singing and dancing talent were honed in a Church even my social skills because i literally grow in a Church. I still remember when i experience God answered my prayer, i have an ear infection then and there’s something came out from my ear like a piece of paper, my parents are bothered especially my mom that she convince my father that they need to consult a doctor of my situation, she said i need to have a check-up to an ear doctor. Eventually, they agreed if there’s no rain in the morning we will go to a doctor. I earnestly prayed that night, even if the sky is gloomy, the moon did not appear and there’s no star seen in my view but i pray nevertheless, i prayed to God that He will make the day bright and no signs of raining when we woke up in the morning so that my father will allow us to go to the city for my check-up. Amazingly, God answered my prayer, as far as i remember, it was my first tangible answered pray’r. From then on, i make prayer a habit, no matter where i am, how i feel, and whatever the circumstances, how impossible it may seems. Praying to God has become my comfort zone even if sometimes the answers of my prayers are different from what i am asking or are not answered, some prayers are even on hold and in waiting vicinity but i will unceasingly pray.

When my Father died, my family became handicapped, i were 9 years old then but i could relate of how my mom felt, i know she’s struggling for finances, on how to raised us, what will she do. my mom’s mother instruct me and my siblings to be a little kinder to my mom and we need to stop fretting and quarreling with each other. We used to have more than enough food prepared on our table when my father was alive but when he died, everything change. Even if sometimes i get choked by his strictness but i couldn’t deny of how excellence he is in providing our needs. My Tito, the younger brother of my mom was a graduating student in pastoral that time, my father helped him for his finances and he is very much grateful to my father, When he knew that my dad died he wept alone and he regret those times he did not grab the opportunity to share to my dad about Jesus Christ gift of salvation  though he knew my mom already do the sharing. My mom recalled of how my dad breath his last, after they’d pray together he asked to sleep then he died while asleep.

My Tito shared to me his life studying Theology, He said, It was hard and challenging because he got concern more on how to pursue it regardless of his lack of finances. My Grand mother couldn’t support his needs in School consequently It made him asked for assistance to the missionaries namely Barbara and Mary from United States my Grand mother’s friends long ago when she was still single. She was one of the the translator of them in their neighborhood because only few of them can speak English. My Tito persevered and by God’s help claimed the fruit of his endeavor after 7 years.  He doesn’t want to commit  the same mistake again to prolonged the good news so he tell me about Jesus Christ, Of His eternal gift offered to everyone who believe and receive Him. I admit at that time, I couldn’t understand how salvation works but when my Tito asked me if i will receive Jesus Christ to be my Lord and personal Savior i answered YES and he lead me to a prayer. There’s no fireworks in my head, i am neither emotional nor questioned further i just listen to my Tito prayed for me and agree with him. I thought accepting Jesus Christ ends there but i realized as i grow up that i just made Jesus as my Lord, That means He will be my King, I will obey Him and give Him my life. I noticed as i look back that there’s no single situation i couldn’t connect to God’s sovereignty in my life. I just have entered an eternal relationship to my Father and King. Are there anything awesome, greater than that? 🙂

How about you do you still remember when you received Jesus Christ in your life, how did it change you?


2 thoughts on “There’s Joy in sharing

  1. I loved your testimony friend! Thank you for sharing! Yes I can remember the day that the faith I was raised with became my own. You can be raised to believe in something but eventually the decision becomes your own- lol. It took me walking through a painful situation to realize that I needed a Savior… And His name is Jesus 🙂

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