Uncover my flair


Luke 19:26

26 “He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what they have will be taken away.

My devotional today is found in Luke 19:11-27, it wasn’t my first time to read this passage but it always hit me. I’m wondering if I really use and cultivate what God has given me. It made me think what are my gifts, the resources, opportunities He allowed me to possess to be use for His glory.

When I was a kid, I like singing and dancing but then again my low self-esteem hindered me to hone it, I don’t think I can improve myself, before I knew it, it made me insecure and frustrated, it made me realized, if i am not using what God has given me, I will end up miserable because I kept it inside that might get rusty in time.

Once I asked my friends how they find me when we first met, majority of them said, ( i’m feeling close), some of my friends compliment me for being feeling close because if not we probably not be friends , however, some doesn’t like it, they said, it can be annoying sometimes. I am not indignant though, we have different personalities but we shared the same values. I am glad to have a Christian friends encircle me, we can share our faith, testimony of God’s love in our lives.

But our Gospel last Sunday reminds me of Jesus Christ commission given to His followers, (Matthew 28:19-20)-to spread the good news, -to share it with my friends. The preacher said,(rephrase) the great reward we could have when we get to heaven is when our family and friends, the people that we know approach us to say thank you for your effort in guiding me to Jesus Christ. It bring tears in my eyes because it is true, it is a genuine purpose of reaching out, to see them in heaven praising and enjoying God’s presence. I know in my heart that I want it badly, I desire that God will use me so other people around me will be saved. I want to share my salvation to them and God’s love.

My desire to obey this commission progress in my heart, I hope it lead to intentional sharing with the people around me. I believe my flair should not be used flamboyantly but humbly and heartily to obey and honor God who created me.


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