Thrilled Novice

how do i say this exploit euphoria in a brief words.,.yahoo! finally I’ve had my own site! πŸ™‚ i recall those times i encourage my friend to create a blog site for the both of us, she is a graduate of Computer Science, i must admit that she got more knowledge in computer manipulation than me, sadly to say, she isn’t engrossed as much as i am with the that thought of having a blog.

oh, i read on how to begin a blog in other sites i browsed earlier, hehe, it says there i could begin my blog with an introduction of myself but not necessarily introducing my name, so in that note, i shall begin:

i came from a province of Mindanao, in Brgy. Laguimit Municipality of Glan, province of Sarangani, i have to stress this out for i believe most of you have not heard of this place occurred in the Philippines, hilarious to think but that’s how i see my place,so hidden, kept from the eyes of the adventurers, rich, nurtured and cared by the native people living in that place, my home place. i belong to bla’an-manobo-kaulo tribe in my mother side and my father is pure bred bisaya. i had experience being bullied when i was a kid, i feel humiliated when my classmates in High School laughed about tribe though i assume they have not known i belong to one of those, it made me hide of who i am. my life genre are romantic-drama, adventure-comedy, and spiritual-family. i have bunch of secrets i hide in my closet but i really want to spill it out to a person who will willingly listen my story and will understand me. prayerfully, hoping in faith that God will send that person.

i honestly couldn’t say if i am melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic, or choleric..

i am easy to be with but hard to get to men, hahahaha,

enough of self-introduction, i am no longer comfortable..:)

just check my upcoming adventure this year in Manila and baguio city and get some list from me of places you can enjoy to go with reasonable cost but refreshing and costly fun, some thing you would want to visit again πŸ™‚

Have a great day,

God Bless everyone!


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