evoke my interest

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May I be honest to you dear readers, I have this alluring feeling with Alden Richards though I must admit I don’t know him much to base this feeling. I only saw him once when he had a mall tour in SM, CDO, Philippines. I find him attractive and kind-hearted. He is younger than I and I think there’s no chance for me and him, gosh! I noticed myself liking guys who are truly high-end, those men who are definitely out of reach. Nonetheless, I hope I’ve got a chance to know them in person. Guys, I also like Jang Geun Suk, a Korean actor, see… i think it’s kinda normal to like those guys, i’m aware, i’m not the only one attracted to them, the difference is, I made them my standard of man. Do you think its absurd? what to do…(sigh)


2 thoughts on “evoke my interest

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